Friday, December 23, 2011

9more days.

its only 9 more days .

is this the last 9days of memories youre going to give me ? arguing for small matters . showing faces to me when i already apologize & just wanted you to care . but all you will do is just continue being angry . at rubbish nonsense matter . im so sick& tired like seriously . crying everyday and almost every night . getting nightmares so often , the ending and the point of the dream always end up being the same . have you ever felt being in my shoes ? thinking of whats going to happen ? im worried day& night but i guess youre just not as i am .
all i could say is im just speechless .

heartbroken as always </3

Friday, December 16, 2011

i cant take it x more .

everything started when the old one left me and i was alone in darkness & under depression alot at that moment . he came to see me everyday and acc me everyday for that 4working days of mine in 1U , when i was working maxis road show . its always the sweetest thing ever in the beginning of everything , but when it comes to the stage that everyday youll just keep argueing , thats not going to change anything . im the one always in tears and pain . yes i know he has his hurt part too , but im a girl think of my feeling too please ? 5lines cuts because of you . sometimes i really just x mean what i say but you take it in too fast and seriously . iloveyou as much as anything in this world , i would give the world to you if i actually could , but i cant . i could only stay by your side , and love you day by day . my eyes are swollen once again , due to tears rolling down . all you could do is just play your iphone ? did you ever thought of talking back to me ? all you can say is , ill help you get back in taylors then ill leave ? whats all this sentence suppose to mean ? im so frustrated . it hurts to know that i dont have to quality and quantity to be with you , because your mpm judges people like alot . i know im x good enough for you , im so downgraded unlike you born with a silver spoon , we're born in 2 different worlds . but you always told me youll never judge me or leave me ? then whats this now ? you just x know how stressed up am i when im w your family , thinking about everyday are you going to leave me or tell me you x have feelings for me anymore and you want to break up with me . im worrying day by day every minute and seconds of my life . its just you x know about it .

all i could say if i could love you for eternity i would , ChenChunHau :)