Friday, March 18, 2011

college`pyramid :)

face to face noodle house `Bstation `pyramid .

start off , went to college . had lunch with mitchell cause he wasnt going to class , i was superb hungry , so we went to face to face noodle house , went makan makan , saw `marcusbryansim there as well . after that i received a called from kenny saying that his in taylors , and miss jessecalong , asked me and mitch to go to Bstation . so we went for korean food , kenny came after . then later on kenny kept spamming calling julian , then ju says he will be coming to college also then after we all go pyramid . we went pyramid after that , sit a cab there , and stone . after that mitchell's girlfriend came , we all went to starbucks , new wing :) and play chor dai di . stone stone stone , until evening my sister came and pick me ,

thats about it : ) let the pictures talk : )

an awesome day :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

college`wongkok`starbucks , chordaidi :)

mitchellwongchewsan & jesseca long

and yes , we went wongkok for lunch :) makan edy , then after awhile i went and get baskinrobins , `CHOCOchip 2 scoop : ) lols . after that we chor dai di , until sien . haha i only chong the cards twice : ) so mitch and jess chong the most , this proves i hardly LOSE woohoo :) had fun , an enjoyable day today . mitch forced and make me put up my fringe and camwhore , anyways im dead tired already so let the picture show you the happenings .

here you go :)

ilovethem : )

presentation day : )

wearing formal sucks , look like OL .

so yeah today , supposed to present today for my presentation skills , but ending up didnt . so have to present the following tuesday , wore formal to college. stone with marcus , and listen to his stories , camwhored with the `beloveds`

here are the pictures ,
let them do the talking : )

missing my friends

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

bought new camera & next day sushii with boyfiee :)

`new camera babeh , & sushiiking with boyfie next day :)

bought new camera :) new samsung digital cam , haha thanks mommy , loves !
that was the first picture , and a testing picture before mama bought the cam for me , just came
back from PD straight went to sec14 digi mall , and got the cam :)

`the next day`
too many things happened , my babyboy finally gave me a slap . and make me woke up from thw mistakes ive been making all these while and realize everything , ive realize one important thing , no matter how much my family or my mom disagree with it , i will still love him and only wanna be with him , his the only one whom cam give me the warmnest , when im cold . everything i need he is the only one whom can give me all . i love him badly . so yess i skipped class for him , i x have a choice because i wanna see him so badly ,
he picked me up , from college then head of to pyramid :)

so we went to get movie tickets first , we watched BIG MOMMAS`LIKE FATHER LIKE SON .
at 3.15 pm , so wen went to walk walk ans window shop alittle , and head of for sushi king , we actually had x choice to eat there , cause it was packed everywhere . its a school holiday and sakae was super long que , so we went to sushi king instead , ate about 60 bucks then off we went to movie :) after movie , daddy was already waiting for me , and it was time to say Goodbye :( i was superrb emo straight . came home have to get lecture from mommy somemore , lagi i die :( today he going genting with friends , :( tmr only his coming back ,

IMMISSINGYOU edy baby , :)

LET the picha's do the talking : D
here it comes ,

missing you acst