Saturday, October 22, 2011

new hair style : )

the start of something new
im glad i knew you ,
ive never regretted being with you ,
you've changed me & changed my life .

ive chopped my hair recently , cause i was so bored w long hair already . theres so much happening nowadays w my life & of course him . surprised to see cheryltehshuying with one side of her hair flipped back ? its because of someone . that special someone that could made me change into someone that ive never imagine i would become . i love him till bites . his my boy & always will be . : ) more updates about me & him to come in the next post .

iloveyou derricklimtactwoon

Friday, October 7, 2011

evacuate the dance floor ♥

birthday night
my 19th bday bash ,
mistclub bangsar : )
last picture taken : )

so my bday eve its a friday night , : ) and where else would i be in mistclub . my planned was to be in Neway OneUtama singk but alot people x want so i dont have a choice lo . went to mist . everyone was there was abit pekchik with the paying money part after that okay lo : ) so yeah all i could say was , i was dropped dead that night , thanks to all my friends that helped me that night , much appreciated k : ) loves

let the pics talk : )

ivanchan korkor
joeyhow , darling
matthewerza brother : )
MR.low : )
issacchen : )
HAN , my didi : )

bestie sengloh
ma bestgirlfriend

the kaki's
gurlfriend V.I.P

didi , andrewlim
brother CJ


partyhardcore : )

Thursday, October 6, 2011

CheeJuenLin bdayboy ♥ 3rdseptember2011

memorable day : )

the birthday boy , CJ :) the day they picked me up from my place around x know what time i myself couldnt rmb and the day MR.derricklimtactwoon came back from aussie trip for 4 or 5 days . finally we all could see his face , excited kan ? : p haha . then total all of us is , KianGuan`CJ`Jeremy&his wife`SinChan`Derrick & of course me : ) we went to WIP in bangsar to have dinner . the western food there was awesome : ) i ordered carbonara bt ending up guan& derrick finished it : p cause they were hungry i supposed ? then me & derrick ordered the same drink some watermelon shit w alcohol , which tasted like shit , couldnt even drink more of it . haha , then later on we went back to CJ's place for drinking session : ) everyone K.O-ed there except for me , cause i didnt drink HAHA aweseme kan ?
anyways here all for now .

let the pictures do the talking : )

MR.derricklimtactwoon , melbourne boy : p