Wednesday, March 21, 2012

am suffocating .

so recently I've got a job , at midvalley the gardens , working in nokia shop :) retail outlet .. been very tired lately due to my shifts and all , and then few days back I've got a new girl in the family once more , her name is LV :) pure cuteness . adorable much :) haha , anyways as usual argue w the boyf almost every single day for x know some crap reason . :( this is how it should be I supposed :(

Thursday, March 15, 2012

working life ..

2nd day of work .. not that easy but not that hard as well .. my life is like living in misery everyday .. and every night , thinking that when things were fine but once I and him are home we start all over again , I'm bored of it not only you .. really I didn't do anything by accident I'm rushing to wash up and everything my phone is in my pocket not I dont wanna take it out and all .. couldn't you just be more understanding alittle sometimes really .. you bring your phone to toilet tell me you wanna play game and all fine , I didn't do anything that's the thing we just had a talked about trusting me , I guess that would never happen because after being w you eventho I changed but in your eyes I'm still the old me that's why you never trust me .. I'm just heart broken when I could do so but you can't ...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

suffering in hell.

im tired , sick and tired of all te shits no joke ... feel fuckedup as much as anything , always a fucking small mistake will take you forever to calm down and forgive me .. and chill down , it's a small matter , nonsense matter need to be so piss like what you are now ? really seriously ? need to be this way ? look at your self la ... really .. I'm the one always okay forgive you easily , then me ? who's going I forgive me , GHOST ah? speechless la sometimes , fucking hurt you know you talk to me the tuning as if I'm like some fuckedup stranger to you ? wth? tears are rolling down inside my heart ... it's pain , soon to be more hurt and pain ... then broken I supposed ...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

wondering , sighs ..

currently stoning in INC cyber cafe

wondering , whys my boyf angry at me when i did nothing wrong .. went for a smoke outside .. i knew i took too long when i was about to text him , saying am gonna smoke 2sticks he was already at the door ,guessing his thinking something else , maybe his thinking what am doing at that time ... sigh guys when their playing game in CC is the worst time to actually try and comfort him more , so i guess its x point also . i didnt even do anything wrong , asking him whats wrong or whats his problem or is he angry , he will tell me nothing and then x bother about me already ... so x point ba im just trying to fix thing but but but

he just WOULDNT CARE less about me !

sick of it .