Sunday, May 15, 2011

ammissingyou badly ♥

`missing those moment i have with you .
babyboyy , wo hen xiang ni ♥

babyboo, missing you makes my heart feels so empty cause youre x by my side . loving you is hard enough , having to think about you hardly can get off my mind , needing you is like 24 hour scrolling thru my brain ,missing you just makes me think of you more& more , day by day . i wonder what will i do , without you . ive never judge you by your looks , youre a x bad guy , : ) looks decent in a way , amazing fella : ) thats what i love most about you . my head is just spinning all about you ♥

#nowlistening twobetterthanone
youre making me miss you more& more day by day ♥

Friday, May 13, 2011

some shots :)

`` afew shots from the photoshooting :)

photoshoot , finally !

``photoshoot w/jayne scully @taylors lakeside campus : )
every photo tells a story .

CherylTehShuYing. :)
here my story begins , hmm woke up in the morning supposed to follow my daddy to college bt i forgot to let him know am suppose to go college for shooting . so nvm bbm-ed jayne and asked her to pick me up , she said okay :) so we both get ready and then picked me & we left straight to lakeside , bt then we were kinda late in a way already , so i asked her to help me make up in the car , so it will be easier for us to shoot after . then meet JazKhai :) & VinceKhoo the photographers . so we started shooting until about 1230 or so , we went to oldtown whitecoffee to chill . cause the weather was killing us , Then a few more last shots after that , we went to starbucks & bought some drinks then met kenny there as well . while waiting for my daddy to come . After that Julian came when I had to go home , so yeah . Sorry JulianYap ;) they send me off to daddy's car then home . reached home straight remove makeup shower & slept till 7 when mommy just came home with "tapao"food for dinner :D yummy* then thats about it .

let the picha's do the talking : D

JazKhai ;)
JayneScully ;)

a tiring & hectic day .

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

: ) blog dead , time for update .

`the recents , happenings .

firstly i rmb was , went for my aunt's 50th birthday , in some hotel in KL : ) it was a high-tea & it was a blast : D superb nice food first time in history seeing me eat non stop even when everyone has stop eating , i can still manage to eat , it has been quite sometime , so i actually x really recall what happen , : )

let the pictures do the talking : )

zerong : )

&mommy : )

my love for you will never fade