Friday, January 20, 2012

the past is past , but ...

sometimes i just wonder .

its been 2months plus we've been thru this journey . sometimes i feel that i don't know you as well as how i felt knowing the first isaacchen . its like the guy i've once love and have feelings for is still there but i dont know alot about you. you always tell me i dont know alot about you , i do not know the truth about alot of stories behind your past . its because sometimes you dont make the effort to tell me the truth . eventho i know the truth hurts alots , but what can i do ? i love you and i have to accept your past . ive never said i didnt accept your past , i know its hard to take all in at once . but i really rather you tell me everything in one go , so that i can kill the pain all in one shot , better than you telling me things bit by bit and day by day . you're my everything and i couldnt bare to lose you once more . it hurts so much just to see you walk away , but i guess you dont know how that feels . because youre not me , i may look strong on the outside . but inside deep down im not , im never strong . but all i could do is to stay strong for you , because i promised you that i will and i must change for the better . you've given me alot in this 2months , memories , experience in a relationship that i never been thru before .
thinking how we went thru this whole process of every stage only we could be together , its really funny how it goes . im happy and glad i knew you , ive never regretted since the day ive met you , you gave me everything i could wish for , in a life time partner . i just hope you're real , and not putting up a show in front of me . i love just the way you are , you cant be describe by words . because no words could describe you . 

thanks for everything dear , ily .

you're my everything hubbyboy . woaini .

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