Thursday, March 15, 2012

working life ..

2nd day of work .. not that easy but not that hard as well .. my life is like living in misery everyday .. and every night , thinking that when things were fine but once I and him are home we start all over again , I'm bored of it not only you .. really I didn't do anything by accident I'm rushing to wash up and everything my phone is in my pocket not I dont wanna take it out and all .. couldn't you just be more understanding alittle sometimes really .. you bring your phone to toilet tell me you wanna play game and all fine , I didn't do anything that's the thing we just had a talked about trusting me , I guess that would never happen because after being w you eventho I changed but in your eyes I'm still the old me that's why you never trust me .. I'm just heart broken when I could do so but you can't ...

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